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One day itinerary for the spirited adventurer

Rottnest Island adventure guide to surfing, skydiving, and cycling.
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Plane flying above the island
Plane flying above the island

To the ones who leap out of bed (and out of planes), whose hair is in a perennial state of mess, and who always choose dare over truth; this Rottnest Island adventure itinerary is yours.

9 am surf or skydive

The island is home to some of the best surfing conditions and most consistent breaks in Western Australia. A Rottnest Island surf begins early, so take the 9 am start as a suggestion — those with salt-bleached hair and eternally bare feet may start hours before this. Surfboard in tow, you’re heading straight to Strickland Bay. You might even catch some pros in action.

The best way to get around the island with a surfboard is by bike — with a surfboard rack attachment. Both can be hired from Pedal & Flipper Hire.


Surfing skills leave a little to be desired? There’s more than one way to interact with the water. The shipwreck at Henrietta Rocks is the place to challenge your snorkelling skills. Four metres below the surface lies the skeleton of Shark — a sunken hopper barge from 1939, now brimming with sea life and waiting to be discovered. 

If you’ve tasted the encompassing depths of Wadjemup, cooler temps won’t keep you from the water… Once you’re clad in a thick wetsuit, any season is fair game.

A dive out of a plane is another adventure that’s sure to get the adrenaline coursing through your body. You’ll see the island as a strip of sand and treetops moulding into the expansive, turquoise-tinged waters, as you glide towards a seaside touchdown. Check out Skydive Geronimo for more information on their Rottnest Island skydiving experiences.


11 am refuel

Now that you’re awake and those muscles need a little respite, it’s time to refuel. We recommend a stop at Rottnest Bakery for some of the island’s iconic pastries or some freshly baked bread. You’ll need the carbs for what’s next…

12 pm cycle or fly

You’re up for a challenge, so we’ve chosen the island’s 22 km cycle loop. Head to Pedal & Flipper Hire for a bike of your choosing — either electric or solely pedal-powered — and off you go. This route will take you around the entire island, passing the most spectacular stretches of beach and deep into the West End’s rugged ecosystem.

Depending on your speed (and how often you stop to sigh in awe), the entire route should take you approximately 3-5 hours. You’ll be back to the main settlement just in time to grab a restorative ale from Hotel Rottnest before jumping on your ferry home.


Prefer a guided Rottnest Island cycling tour (to relax into the ride and observe the views unhindered by map-checking)? Join one of Paul’s Eco E-Bike Tours instead. This electric bike tour will take you through the island’s picturesque and changing landscapes, from coastal and woodland scenes to the salt lakes, and it often includes a bay swim and a BYO lunch stop with stunning island views.

Or swap your ferry ticket for your own private helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft home and take in soaring birds-eye views of the island. The perfect end to an already action-packed day. Check out Corsaire Aviation, Swan River Seaplanes and Rottnest Air-Taxi for more information.


Staying overnight? 

What’s more exhilarating than reeling in the catch of the day? After a well-earned night’s sleep, a spot of early-morning fishing is sure to deliver the thrills (and lunch).

The island’s numerous headlands and beautiful beaches offer excellent year-round opportunities for every aspiring angler. Many are just a short bike ride from Thomson and Geordie Bays, while the bays themselves offer ample opportunity from their jetties. 

As an island with a focus on sustainability, fishing is only permitted in certain areas in order to conserve marine biodiversity. The five marine sanctuary zones are located at Parker Point, Kingston Reef, Green Island, Armstrong Bay, and West End.

For the more adventurous (and experienced), head to Radar Reef or Ricey Beach and try your luck at some of the island’s sought-after fish species including salmon, tailor, and mulloway. 

Remember, this adventure itinerary is simply a guide, because, as any spontaneous traveller will know, true adventure is found with spur-of-the-moment inspiration.